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Passivation Services

We provide best passivation services for stainless steel parts and instruments at international standards

Surface of Stainless steel products requires a treatment which cleans it
from any contaminants and deposits during manufacturing and at the same time dissolving free iron molecules from  the surface, bringing higher ratio of chromium at the surface. This surface chromium reacting with atmospheric oxygen creates protective layer called passive layer.  

Passivation is a surface treatment its not like a coating or plating a metal. 

With our proven chemistries and experience we provide passivation service meeting international standards and strict testing requirements depending on the grade of stainless steel used. As we have been doing for  medical instruments requiring highest standards of corrosion resistance achieved through passivation.

Treatment of passivation depends on the nature of the part, material used and the machining done on that part. Time , temperature & concentration has to be decided by the experiened staff according to the product.   

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