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Welcome to Passivatech

Since 1998

Who We Are?

Over 20 years in passivation technology Reasearch & Development, Applications in Different sectors of industry from Industry leading medical instruments companies  to multinational beverage & Pharmaceutical companies.

With our proven chemisteries throughout the years we are able to provide Passivation services at strongest standards & precision Cleaning with least NVR levels. All the processes are kept with maximum protection of environment & worker,s health.

In pursuance of our policy of environment protection we are proud to introduce our
development of
Hydrosol series of waterbased cleaners, as replacement to Solvents like Trichloroethylene Perklone etc.  


Perhaps the first Cleaner Specifically designed for medical instruments and complex machined parts. 

Compatible with ultrasonic systems.

Extremely Safe for workers & Environment Economical : 60 kg of Hydrosol will replace 100 kg of Triclon. No odour, No flash point. Medical grade cleaning is possible. 

Besides Medical grade Cleaning is not possible with Triclon. It  is a declared Carcinogen (Cancer Causing) by ATSDR, effects lungs & liver. Being restricted by more and more regulations worlwide.  


Industries We Serve

Medical Instruments

Medical Instruments require high standards of Cleaning & Passivation due to the nature of their use and complex machining structure. This fact combined with health care laws throughout the world impose a challenge in corrosion resistance & standards of surface cleaning for medical instruments.  With our research & development and experience we are able to deliver quality of  Passivation & Cleaning accepted over the years by world famous names in the medical instruments including Germany & USA.     

Passivation passivatech medical dental surgical intruments
food equipment passivation passivatech


Pharmaceutical Industry is another challenge to cleaning and passivation requirements.

The nature of plants , their use and complex structure makes the job critical. Health care regulations requirements are to be met with strict standards .

Food Industry

Food processing industry requires a surface of stainless steel cleaned & passivated to the optimum level.  So that food processing salts & chemicals do  not react or  mix with the walls of processing machinery. Our pr-Clean 105 and Passivate 306  clean  the surface of any contaminants , polishing residues, oils and dissolve the metallic residues to bring a highly cleaned and passive surface.

Pharmacautical passivation
Passivation for hospital instruments


Our SurgiClean meets the hospital needs for revitalyzing instruments. Cleans water scales, rust, blood fats etc. Losens stuck joints, creates corrosion resistance. 


Passivate 706 - AutoClave Cleaner, is good to clean scales from steam sterlyzation autoclaves. 


Automotive & Mechanical Industry

Hydrosol-30 is the perfect answer to the degreasing requirement of mechanical and automotive parts. Passivate 306 if passivation is required.


Dairy Industry



Medical Instruments

Our Partners

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