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Neutralyzer N5 has been developed as post passivation treatment of parts/instruments which have hard to reach areas like thread,joints,teeth etc.
Often passivation solution cannot be effectively rinsed away from complicated instruments,these low PH remains are most likely to create problems like rust etc.
Neutralyzing potential to neutralyze such low PH traps and helps control post passivation problems.
Neutralyzer N5 has been used for years by instrument industry. 
Equally good for stainless steel 300,400 series.
                                   Application Procedure
Neutralyzer should be mixed with clean water (purified water if desired) at dilution of 5% of Neutralyzer N5 with clean water to fill the tank used so as to adequately cover all parts to be treated. 
Polypropylene, stainless steel, or equivalents should be used for construction of all tanks and devices used in the Passivate 606 bath. Agitation of the solution in the tank is strongly recommended to attain optimum results.
Neutralyzer N5 does not effect the base metal.
Flexible batch schedules are possible.
Appearance: Transparent Liquid
Flash point: None
Completely immerse the parts to be neutralyzed  in the solution for a period sufficient to remove all passivate solution from the surface. Dipping time 30-45 minutes,  grade of stainless steel, hardness and the condition of the surface of the parts to be nuetralyzed. 
                                       Notes on Use
Highly irritative to skin.Harmful for eyes and can be fatal if swallowed. Avoid spilling.
Do not breath vapours,mist or fumes.Work in a good ventilated area or wear respiratory protection.
Wear eye protection.
Flush with water in case of skin contact or spill.
If in eyes,or skin flush water for several minutes.Call for medical attention.
If on clothes,remove contaminated clothes immediately and wash before reuse.
Store inside to avoid extreme sunlight and temperature.
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