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Preserving The Nature At The Same Time Getting Industrial Targets.

Transition from the SOLVENT  to WATERBASE cleaning.

Meeting the challenge of zero NVR and medical grade cleaning


Hydrosol 32 is a waterbased cleaning and 
degreasing chemical for stainless Steel 
parts and instruments. Dissolves drawing oils, 
greases, polishing compounds from
the surface as well as joints and serrations,
impressions etc. Hydrosol 32 is completely compatible
with ultrasonic systems and largely enhances performance
with a combination of temperature and ultrasonics

For optimum cleaning performance maintain temperature
between 80-90C & use with Ultrasonics. Dipping time typically 1-3
minutes but has to be adjusted depending on the type of parts/
instruments, nature of polish bar used,oils/grease on the surface,
time lapse and ambient temperature & the cleaning system used. 

Followed by a water rinse and then a dip in distilled water can
avoid water marks to appear on the surface. 


hyd 1.jpg

Hydrosol 32 gives extreme cleaning of the surface if correctly
used. Experiments have shown cleaning surface quality by Hydrosol-32
is far better than Triclon & Perklon etc. The surface cleaned by Triclon 
and other such solvents leave the surface with a black layer which is felt
by wiping with a white cloth. A simple white wiping cloth test shows a surface cleaned by Hyrosol-32 is free from such contaminants left on the surface. 
This makes Hydrosol extremely usefull in medical grade cleaning & Critical industrial cleaning requirements like PVD coatings etc.  


As solvents like Triclon are being restricted by more and more
laws & regulations due to their effect on environment and workers health.
Besides being expensive, Triclon quickly evaporates in the air and contributes ozone damage, extremely harmfull for the workers and dangerous when exposed to high
temperatures/fire etc. Whereas Hydrosol-32 is completely safe for workers and
environment thus it does not contribute to ozone damage and gives far 
better cleaning performance.  


Hydrosol 32 is designed to be economical in use and last longer,
as the debris settles down next day and the clear chemical can be
re-filled by draining out. The level of bath can be maintained by mixture
of 1:1 with clean water.

Does not effect laser stamping in our experiments.   

hyd 2.jpg

Hydrosol-32 yeilds more volume/weight than Triclon. If a tank requires
100 kg Triclon to fill the required level. It will be filled by 70 kg of Hydrosol.
Giving 50% cost reduction at the start.
More cost reduction is anticipated in use. Hydrosol-32 can be adopted to
the existing ultrasonic systems followed by rinsing.
Hydrosol does not require deep cleaning tanks as solvents (Triclon) do due
to their nature of extremly rapid evaporation accelerated by extreme heat. 
With Hydrosol wider systems can be designed to achieve larger and multiple
batches at the same time. Which will reduce cleaning time/batch or instrument.
Availabilty: 20kg , 100 kg 


After Cleaning with Hydrosol-32


Before Cleaning

Hydrosol-32 Cleaning Video

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