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When it is required to remove hard rust and speed up the passivation of stainless steel instruments and parts,        PASSIVATE 906 is the solution.
Aggressively removes free iron and other contaminants deposed by drawing,machining,cutting etc to create a chromium rich surface.

Passivate 906 has THREEFOLD FUNCTIONS,cleaning,rust removing and passivation.
                                   Application Procedure
Passivate 906 should be mixed with clean water (purified water if desired) at a ratio of 1 part of Passivate 906 with 5-10  parts of water by volume to fill the tank used so as to adequately cover all parts to be treated. 

Polypropylene, stainless steel, or equivalents should be used for construction of all tanks and devices used in the Passivate 906 bath. Agitation of the solution in the tank is recommended to attain optimum results.

Flexible batch schedules are possible.
Appearance: Transparent Liquid
Flash point: None

 (Suitability of the chemical should be checked before application) 

Warm the solution for optimum performance. 60-80Celsius  is typical. Room temperature is often adequate with increased immersion time. Completely immerse the parts to be passivated in the solution for a period sufficient to remove all free iron and contaminants from the surface. Dipping time is
20-45 minutes, depending on temperature, grade of stainless steel, hardness and the condition of the surface of the parts. 

                                       Notes on Use
May be corrosive to some metal,masonary,irritant to skin.Harmful for eyes and if swallowed.Avoid spilling.
Donot breath vapours,mist or fumes.Work in a good ventilated area or wear respiratory protection.
Flush with water in case of prolonged skin contact or spill.
Wear eye protection.
Every product has different machining and structure therefore please check the compatibility of the chemical before industrial application. 


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